S4E is a Sudoku game for Eclipse.
The goal is to fill the grid, using each figure only once in a line, a column or a box.


Endless new grids
New grids are build when needed. It's a low priority background thread, so you won't notice it.
Real Sudoku grids
Every grid has a single solution, and shows a symmetry.
Four skill levels.
From newbies to maniacs...
Easy small grids for the kids
4x4 grids are really easy, but a 6x6 might lock you a few minutes.
Check the kid mode ! (images are from
S4E also builds 12x12 grids, but they are a bit too easy.
Sudoku for Eclipse can print pages of Sudoku games, you may leave you computer at home when in vacations.
Mouse and keyboard
They are two mouse modes. See the Control preference page.
User the arrows, numeric keys and PAGEUP/PAGEDOWN to use the keyboard.
Because thats needed.
Although speed is not the key.
Feed up of numbers ?
Just try letters, symbols or icons.
S4E offers a set of helping tools, but off course I know you don't need them, so just turn them off!
Available values display.
Displays the available values in every cell.
Error detection.
Detects errors (wrong figure) and mistakes (a figure that would break the rules).
Value highlighter
Select a figure, and S4E will show available cells.
Strong links detector
They are disabled by default, see the preferences.
Automatic play
You may ask S4E to automatically play simple moves (like when a cell only allow a single value).
Off course this is cheating, but no one will know.
You may also set the automatic mode to play every 10 seconds and try to fill the grid before it does (but that a bit humiliating).


Paper mode
An easy oneHelping tools


Downloads are available on the project's download page.

This is the standalone release. Just unzip it wherever you like.

Binaries expect to find Java on your computer (you'll find it just bellow).
Binaries are tested on Windows XP although I've seen them running under Ubuntu and Redhat.
On Windows 2000, you may need the gdi+ library, ask Microsoft.

The plugin bundle is the minimum bundle to add Sudoku to an existing Eclipse installation.

If you're not familiar with Eclipse, don't bother about it and use the standalone release.

Because Sudoku for Eclipse is only a game, it's a good idea to install it in the dropins directory rather than in Eclipse itself.


To build Sudoku for Eclipse yourself you'll need:
1.5 or 1.6 is fine...
an Eclipse release
3.4 is fine, I'm not sure about older releases because the code uses the SWT Transform class.
the Babel package
If you want to build the &18n application.
Sources are available in the binaries and through the CVS archive (Thanks to SourceForge).


This is what's in the CVS archive but not yet in a binary release...
Get source from the HEAD branch for the latest release (latest sources are likely to compile, but won't necessary do what you hoped).